a mod_perl based session managment and template engine

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Motivation for Brix
Brix was created for a project within my company after evaluating other systems (Zope,Mason,Embedded Perl). Most of these systems did more than we wanted and did not really fit what we wanted to have. Not that those are bad ;-) All of these systems are rather great but just do not fit for our purposes

Unlike the other template based engines, Brix follows the philosophy that the creator of the site already knows a programming language - Perl - and does not want to learn another metalanguage with ugly syntax. The example files of such systems might look quite pretty but after looking at real applications we quickly recognized that instead of seperating presentation from code (like these systems intend to do) all the applications we saw were basically a strange syntax mix of even three programming languages instead of two, as we have in CGI scripts.

Therefore, Brix concentrates on making certain aspects of CGI programming easier and does so rather well. It's not the holy grail of web application programming but what it was intended for it does well enough.

What Brix can do for you
We released Brix as free software now in the hope that at least someone else might find it useful and spare some time re-creating something similar. We have no plans yet to extend this into a full fledged application server thing (which it probably wouldn't be suited for)

Current features:

  • pre-created session managment with easy datapassing amongst pages
  • easily mixing HTML with Perl
  • easy handling of simple database queries